Packing Tips for Summer Travel


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One of the potential summer vacation headaches is packing. If it’s a family vacation, trying to coordinate everyone’s luggage can be challenging, and it’s often hard to find things you need on the road and once you get to your destination.

To help make packing a little easier, here are some tips that may help.

1. Categorize Items

Some sources recommend divvying up everyone’s luggage into categories. Each person can have his or her category, and within those categories there can be sub-categories. Then there can be a category for shared items. For example, your teen’s list might include toiletries, entertainment (such as an iPod), casual clothes, dress clothes, night clothes, shoes. Dad’s list might look a little different, and might include dress clothes, casual clothes, night clothes, maps and/or GPS, books, and toiletries. For combined items, choose one big duffle bag or suitcase in which you can put your common things.

2. Lists for Frequent Travelers

If you travel often, having a stand-by list can make a big difference. Consider making a list of items you will always take with you, no matter what the nature of the vacation is.

Also for frequent travelers it helps to have specific travel items set aside for travel only. Consider a toiletry case with travel-sized items that includes everything, so you can just grab that case and know you’re covered. The same would go for first aid and other medical supplies.

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3. Roll, Don’t Fold

An interesting thing happens when you tightly roll clothes instead of folding them. If you smooth the garments while you roll them tightly, they are not nearly as prone to wrinkling. You may also find that you can fit a lot more clothing into your luggage this way.

4. Little Things

It’s so easy to forget the little things. Here are some suggestions for little items that are easily forgotten, but which can make or break a vacation.


-Antibiotic ointment


-All prescription medications (also, make sure you have enough to carry you through your vacation, and find out if/where you can refill at your destination)


-Insect repellent

-After-bite treatment (such as Cortisone ointment)

-Feminine products

5. What Is Available at Your Destination?

Before you start packing, find out and consider what will be provided at your destination. There may be soap, toothpaste, and towels, for instance. There may also be shampoo and conditioner. It can save a lot of space if you don’t pack what you don’t need!

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Ideas for Vacation Destinations


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Not sure where to go this summer? Sometimes, it’s good to think outside the box and try something different. Here are some tips and ideas on vacation destinations.

1. Lakeside Cottage

There are lakeside cottages to be found all over North America. These cottages offer more than just scenery; many such destinations might be near historic sites, or even near shopping centers (some lakeside cottages feel remarkably remote even though they are close to the city). Lakeside cottages may also offer water fun, like water skiing, canoeing, and/or fishing. Hiking and nature exploration are another activity that is often part of a lakeside cottage stay.

2. Rent an RV

There are so many places you can go in an RV. You can make it a simple camping trip, or do something more elaborate. Here are some ideas for vacationing in an RV:

-Park your RV in a forest or wilderness park and camp. You can hike during the day if you like and just use the RV as a home base.

-Drive somewhere new every day, staying overnight in RV parks. This may be a good compromise for those who like to be on the go and those who like to stay put – you will be in a different place every night, but in the same “rooms.”

-Choose a destination such as Disney World/Land and park your RV in a park nearby. Then you can spend the day at the theme park and come “home” at night.

-Sight-seeing can be really fun in an RV. You can take a tour to see landmarks, historic sites, “world’s biggest” this or that, etc. You could also do a theme park vacation, visiting various amusement and theme parks. You won’t have to worry about hotel expenses, but you will need to plan ahead to make sure there’s a place to park your RV.

3. Horseback Riding

Have you thought about taking a horseback riding vacation? It could involve riding on trails and camping outside, or it might just be a daytime event. You can put together an interesting vacation around horseback riding, such as staying on a ranch and riding somewhere different each day.

4. Summer Skiing

Yes, you read that right. Head for the mountains for some snowy relief from the summer heat. There are destinations in the Alps, Argentina (the Andes), and other places. Taking the family skiing in the summer could be just the thing to beat the heat.

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Why Use a Hiking Staff and Certain Points to Consider When Buying One


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Well you don’t actually have to rely on a hiking staff throughout your hiking tour but you can see the value of one when you need it most.

Hiking staffs were not meant to be actually used like those of the walking staffs. You probably have seen hikers holding long, sturdy sticks on their hands. While at first sight you might observe that they were quite uncomfortable with the staffs since they are more like burdens than help, you will see that the hiking staffs help a lot to ease the leg work.

Hiking staffs, in the long run, would help save you a great deal of energy. This is because a staff acts like another leg that will share your weight.

If you haven’t placed your confidence on hiking staffs yet, it would be best to remember that even ancient people and other notable recent personalities were known to using sticks for support. Even the late President Roosevelt himself noted for us to carry a big stick. Walking sticks, as you might think, assist people with certain walking handicaps. This might not be your exact picture of how to use a hiking staff but just the same, it helps a lot when you want some sturdy additional support.

Apart from supporting your balance, a hiking staff is also helpful in giving you an advanced feel of the surrounding. For example, you can use your hiking staff to measure the depth of the stream without actually getting your feet or arms soaked in it. You can also push vegetation aside when you don’t want to remove them by hands.

Using a hiking staff or two has a lot of benefits for you. It might even save your life from an unwanted creature in the forest or from a fall. You’ll never know what awaits you during the hike, even expert hikers know this very well. Thus, it is but crucial that you bring something with you that is so versatile that it can even save you from life-threatening circumstances.

If you are considering of buying a hiking staff, it is best that you know some important things. Well, you can always rely on the good supply from the trail but you will never know what you might be getting. Thus it is best that you bring your own hiking staff. This would not only equip you with one readily but would also help you save a lot of time searching for a good stick.

There are numerous stores from where you could buy a hiking staff. From online vendors to fancy stores, merchants are ready to sell you what stock they have and even allow you to order what they do not have.

The choice of hiking staff is really up to you. There are virtually hundreds of options that you might look into.

The general rule of thumb in choosing one is to get the right height and weight of the stick. Always buy a hiking staff that is 6″ higher than your elbow. This will give you enough length to use in quite a lot of purposes. It will also provide you with studier hold on the staff and a firmer grounding on a downhill trek. The weight however must be the most comfortable for you. The manufacturers normally produce hiking staffs that are just perfect for every type of hiker.

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10 Best Oregon Hiking Sites for Day Hikers


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Oregon offers many sites for both the veteran hikers and the day hikers. It is also a great haven for family hiking where you can bring your children and younger members of the family without having to worry about the dangers that might await you in other more rugged terrains.

There is so much with Oregon hiking that it is fairly difficult to begin mentioning a great spot. So we have narrowed down your search into the best day hiking spots in Oregon. Here are brief descriptions of what you might see in each site:

Arch Cape- It is a good introduction to old-growth forests with its display of cedar and fir layers. Recently, the Arch Cape tunnel was closed which gave the school children attending a school in Cape Falcon no choice but to walk the trail. This gives us the basic idea that the trail of Arch Cape is a moderate one which presents even little children a fair walk.

Bagby Hot Springs- Hot tubs out of slabs of logs are welcome treats even for veteran hikers especially during midwinter. It is also great during early spring and late fall. There are several hot and cold springs that adults and children will both like. Clothing depends on the choice of the visitors and people not accustomed to public nudity are advised to choose other spots.

Benson Lake- Apart from the steady climb which is marked by wildflowers and huckleberries, Benson lake also offers a great toe-dipping spot through informal trails that could be glimpsed from the left of the trail.

Big Obsidian Flow- If you are intrigued by the latest lava flow of the Oregon, Big Obsidian Flow is the best trail for you. It is situated in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument that highlights the flow of the area’s volcanic history. Several interpretative signs explain how Native Americans explored the area and gathered obsidian for tools and jewelry.

Cannon Beach- This hiking trail begins from the Cannon Beach town and continually heads southward to the sandy beach and the Haystack Rock which is a designated seabird nesting spot.

Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area- If you want another excellent look at the Haystack Rock, you can try the trail that takes you towards Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area in Pacific City. Aside from the lookout to Haystack, you can also enjoy tide pools, the Nestucca Bay and the surf.

Cape Lookout State Park- This trail is situated in the midst of Sitka spruces, which are hailed to be the tallest conifers found in North America. If you hike in Cape Lookout during December up to April, you might witness gray whales during their semiannual migrations.

Cape Perpetua Trails- There are about ten trails in Cape Perpetua, choose among them and enjoy an array of rocky tide pools, coastal forests, geysers, and other ocean spectacles.

Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area- This site is famous for its wonderful sea caves, off shore rocks and whipping waves.

Drift Creek Falls- A descent of 340 feet, the hiking trail showcases a fun trail towards the cascade of the falls. Along the hike, you can enjoy magnificent assortments of coastal forest species and stunning suspension bridge that leads downward the Drift Creek Falls.

A day hike is not necessarily a strenuous hike towards a mountain summit, it merely means hiking for moderate hikers and beginners. In here, we have given you several spots where you can introduce day hiking to younger members of your family and to those who are too old for arduous trails.

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Day tour to Galle from Colombo Sri Lanka Hotels

Welcome you all to Sri Lanka. Your body and soul will be pierced by the warm Sri Lankan hospitality. You will be captivated by the scrumptious honor offers by the hotel you stay in Colombo. After picking up you from Colombo you will taste the beauty of Sri Lanka all along your way to Galle. You will have an opportunity to stop at several different fascinating places and immerse yourself with the exotic beauty of the island.

We will first stop at Bentota which is beautiful southern coastal city about 60 km from Colombo. First you can visit Bentota fish market and amble over the market seeing local fish and seafood varieties. Then proceed to visit Bentota beach which is simply stunning with a tropical lagoon. It is famous among local and foreign tourists with its scenic beauty and safe swimming conditions in the beach. As it is a famous destination for water sport, you can dive body surf, Jet Ski or wind surf over the sea waves while experiencing a unique and memorable adventure. You can have the same experience at the Bentota Water Sport Center as well a boat trip for sightseeing visit while feeling the amenity of lush tropical foliage bordering the coast.

We will continue our journey to Kosgoda turtle hatchery which operates to save Sri Lanka’s sea turtle from extinction. Fishermen live in the area collect turtle eggs from sandy beach and hatchery pays for them. You can see new born turtle hatchlings peregrinate freely in the huge water tanks. They are fed and released to sea, their native place when they are 2 to 4 days old. Even you can have that experience after taking them into sea shore. There’s never a dull moment on this beach.

From the turtle hatchery experience we begin our journey to Galle which is a main city rich in history. It is a World heritage site and well preserved colonial era city in Southeast Asia. 300 year old Dutch fort built by the European invaders is one of the prominent places in the Galle city and Dutch museum and Dutch church are also famous tourist attraction places.

The National Maritime Museum is situated within the Galle fort and you have an opportunity to visit the museum from 0900 to 0500 hrs from Wednesday to Saturday. It consists with nearly 800 years old nautical relics found by exploring underwater. Other than that it has exhibits of ancient earthenware, maps, models of fish such as whales and sharks and fishing boats and techniques.

Enjoy the Dutch atmosphere by walking through narrow historical streets endowed with colonial era historical buildings and houses. You can explore the famous majestic Dutch fort while breathing the air of Dutch city still remains in there.

Stroll leisurely in the busy and colorful market side with carnival-like atmosphere at all the time and on pavements with fancy arrays in the Galle city tasting the Sri Lankan circumlittoral culture. You can shop for leatherwork, lace and leather products, cotton and batik fabrics, jewellery, handicrafts and ebony wood carvings at negotiable price. Even if you want you can have hands-on approach to weave your own lacy wonder.

At the evening tour ends in Colombo.

-End of Tour-

Day Tour To Kandy From Colombo

Sri Lanka is a copious, tropical island like paradise and it is a culturally rich and environmentally diverse country. You can experience the warm hospitality offers by the hotel you stay in Colombo and they consist with very best of modern facilities blended with Sri Lankan culture. After picking up you from Colombo you will make your way to Kandy while having exciting stop along the way at several different enticing places.

We will make a brief stop at the banana plantation in Imbulgoda which is one of the largest banana cultivation in Sri Lanka and you will be given an insight into the cultivation. On a pleasant visit to banana plantation enjoy the taste of our fresh, sweet ripe bananas.

En route to Kandy proceed to visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage some 80 km from Colombo. It was founded in 1975 as a foster-home for abandoned and the wounded elephants range from newborn calves to elderly large elephants. Today, the population of domestic elephants includes more than 100 animals and now Pinnewala is one of the largest breeding centers in the world.

Since its inception, the orphanage has been popular both among the foreign tourists as well as local people, who visit in large numbers to watch the animals being fed and bathed. You could feed the baby elephants during the feeding times, from 0930 to 1000 hrs and 1330 to 1400 hrs with handheld milk bottles. As well as you will have the opportunity to see the animals gamboling in the water close by the river while having their daily bath from 1000 to 1030 hrs and 1400 to 1430 hrs.

Thereafter visit a tropical spice garden in Mawanella which is a delightful place to stroll in fragrant greenery. You will able to see many different types of spices in Sri Lanka. Taste herbal brew or enjoy the full flavors of Sri Lanka spices after introducing you to different spices.  You will also be able to purchase spices.

From spice garden experience we begin our climb into strikingly-beautiful scenic lush hills. On the way to the picturesque city Kandy, you will see forest covered mountains. Upon approaching the city you will be captivated by the scenic beauty of the vicinity. Kandy served as the last capital of the Sinhalese kings and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The focal point of the city is the golden-roofed Temple of the Tooth Relic of Buddha. Temple is located in royal palace complex. Over the roof of the shrine room where the relic is placed you can see an erected gold canopy. Visiting the museum adjoining to the Temple of the Tooth Relic is given an opportunity to see the depository of various items and artifacts of historical value including weapons, jewelry and tools.

Sightseeing visit through upper lake drive will allow you to feel the refreshing light breeze coming through Kandy Lake. Even you can explore on foot through narrow streets lined with colonial style old buildings, as the higher altitude making the climate conducive for long walks.

Beside the Kandy Lake you can see the splendor of the Queen’s Hotel which is a historic hotel over 160 years old. Other than Queen’s Hotel there are luxurious hotels in Kandy who gratify their visitors by magical entertainments.

At the end of tour you will have the opportunity to experience a truly unique and exotic shopping tour around Kandy city. It is a great place to buy local handicrafts, paintings, gems and jewelry, ornaments, textile and clothing at bargain prices. During the tour you will get to some of our delightful local treats

At the evening tour ends in Colombo.

-End of Tour-